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double mocha. neil: hey vladimir putin, and i know that you are watching. it's time to do some thinking. because when the rich upset get upset, it's time for a switch. what can bring the world back from the how about losing a bundle? don't get me wrong, the ukraine is still en masse. but let's be grateful today but it's not getting messier. markets are rebounding and the russian elite could be blinking or rethinking. and because of some very important russian investors, losing their shirts.
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they dropped the ruble to an all-time low and they have some of the biggest millionaires feeling low and angry. the paper portion fell to $3.2 billion yesterday. here is why those two guys are very important. they own half of russia's largest gas per user and you can bet that that largest gas producer in russia looks shaky. and for vladimir putin, all of these companies show us that
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this is beginning to get costly. he is now getting a piece of these guys minds. what is russian for what the heck are you doing to us? i don't know russian, but i figured that they down angry. >> the pressure needs to be placed on russia economically. they are an energy export dependent economy. once that we can do is to open up our export of liquefied natural gas. it will have a huge impact on the price and that russia enjoys in their monopoly dominated
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europe. i have a bill that would have expanded the gas exports to nato. dropping a bill today that will expanded even further. entering this in the national market and economically impact russia. neil: at the very least we should re-examine our opposition to drafting and some states. that is just more energy for us and the one thing that i'm curious about is it's precisely that energy independence. we need a lot of energy coming via russia and the ukraine. so don't think that. >> it certainly is an issue. they are, as you describe, being economically impacted by some
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very old things. this president needs to step it up and in that weakness, russia will be adventurous spirit even if they are and they start feeling the pain of their own stupidity or bullying, maybe that is what gives them cause in the future and tyrants who might think about doing tyrant type stuff. >> absolutely. i think that economically that is where they feel the pressure. at this president also needs to look inward to stop the sequester and make certain that he strengthens its ties with nato and walk away from his opposition. those who have been looking at the united states for leadership. we need to make sure that we engage with those allies and that we have this pressure that doesn't make a difference on russian policy.
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>> we need to talk about exploiting the advantages that we have here. thank you again for having been on the show. >> thank you. neil: a former bush xliii assistant on why in times of crisis vladimir putin is finding out the hard way. putting in another way, his antics over there actually helping us financially. also running as a republican candidate for governor of california, more on that coming up in what we are hearing from governor jerry brown spoke. and first on what you make of the irony that vladimir putin is finding that for all of our problems and all of her scrubs and all of her tepid responses, it's if the billions that they are losing including vladimir putin himself that could restrain their activity. >> that is exactly right. the financial markets are
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global, russia is doing business all around the world. they can't simply go unilaterally and run over everyone else and not affect their own investors. we have a lot of tools. that is president obama willing to be courageous enough to use all of the economic tools that we have two rain into this? we have to tap into oil and gas capabilities here in america and in california as well. we need to get us going. we have a lot of levers to use against him. president obama needs to be aggressive and use all of them. neil: the europeans are not standing in line to punish the russians. they complain and they yap about it. but as i have said, they need a lot of that natural gas that russia controls and a lot of other things that russia controls. anderberg seems to be worse than their bite. >> we are used to that. even of europe isn't directly affected, they wait and wait for america to lead. neil: i don't see this as being
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markedly different than what george bush got when he was trying to tell george bush to dan of georgia and the breakaway the republic were vladimir putin is trying to talk about this. it's the same kind of thing. we can talk all we want, but in the end he's going to do what he's going to do. >> yes, and certainly we want a diplomatic solution. we want to ease tensions and make decisions in our country. here in california as well, to make us stronger so that five or 10 years from now we really are in a better position or that means that we have to tap into our natural resources. america can lead the world, we can do a lot more than just this, we have to do our part. if we don't do that, then we are giving more tools for people around the world were not our allies. >> we mentioned seizing the opportunity. you're running for the governor of california. we did reach out to them. we did get the inhuman to say
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the following. and i want you to react to this. we've burden on nothing but empty rhetoric. so we have to assume that this is merely another self-indulgent ego campaign. what you think of that? >> governor brown has a horrible track record in california. our schools are ranked for in america. forty-six and jobs, number one in poverty. governor brown is out there traveling around. >> he says that he has you guys gotten out of debt. he hasn't done that? >> we have 500 le dollars plus of unfunded liabilities the governor brown doesn't even acknowledge. contemporary sense the budget is balanced. but that is because the stock market went up last year. governor brown had nothing to do that. neil: if you were governor, you would take the good news with the bad news?
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>> i would be fighting for middle-class middle class families. people around the state of california want to work hard and governor brown has no idea how to unleash this to create jobs and that's what we need to do. if we tap into our oil and gas in california, we make america stronger and we put californians back to work and we make it better. neil: it's very good to have you. you are welcome here, but we try. in the meantime, any politician wants to stop. high style $4000. ♪
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neil: tensions with russia are rising and so is your blood pressure. a lot of you are worrying. >> what are your thoughts about what is going on between ukraine and russia right now? to i think it's disturbing and terrible. everything affects everything
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nowadays with the u.s. should step up and our president should be more of a leader and should take a tougher stance. >> weaves duck our noses into many people's business too many times. >> i don't want to see world war iii start over. neil: in just a few minutes, charles payne is going to tell you how you can make money off of this armageddon. and meanwhile, it is fat tuesday. a fat kid that washington is owing to do anything. the president releasing his budget that calls for a $600 billion in new spending a lot of your colleagues in the republican party just sort of hoped that things would go their way in november. and it's a big cross of the fingers. but that is it. >> i disagree. i think what we have seen again is really a sad and disappointing budget from the president.
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what he believes is that we don't need to address real challenges that we've got. medicare, medicaid, social security. that is why in our budget in the past and this year again, we will put forward a budget that outlines how you save and strengthen medicare. and the president refuses to do that which is crazy. neil: he agrees the grand bargaining meet with speaker boehner with the cost of living increases, but republicans got nervous about that as well it might give him a little mainstream media pressures that is why we need bipartisan work. we need the president to come to the table and leave it instead of put forward his political document. this is a political document so that his party can get through november of this year he wants
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to kill our seniors and take that our benefits. neil: many of your colleagues are saying that i don't want to step on that. >> aren't you tired of that kind of rhetoric? >> yes, i am. >> drives me crazy. the challenges that we have a massive. to have the president put out his budget and not address those issues, that is absolutely irresponsible. >> they are hanging their hats on this. i will give you credit, a lot of colleges are woefully disappointed. are they hanging in on this in november? the bigger majority in the house two. >> we have no cooperation in the president refuses to come to the
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table. and our job is to put forward a contrast and on alternative trade. neil: in the meantime, get your questions then. at the end of the show, it's everyone's fair game. >> what is the deal, neil? >> e-mail us at fox a neil? >> e-mail us at fox a forum on personal matters, policy matters, we have it all. but first, what vladimir putin should be talking about with this guy. >> if you are an alcoholic, which, if you are, if you're drinking enough that you try crack in your 40s and you don't remember it, maybe that is
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one thing that you might want to read about. >> i was
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>> our mayor is a great guy, he's an excellent mayor. this is eric garcetti meeting some supporters. and there is you. [laughter] >> eric garcetti holding someone's baby, there is rob for the holding someone's baby. neil: not only is the toronto mayor popular there, but here as well. he's popular in toronto. his poll numbers are looking better.
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maybe because traumas economy is looking better. maybe thanks to the crazy mayor that cut taxes and rules and regulations. they are standing by loyal to achieve. a lesson for our president. it is time for no pain and no gain. got a message that is resonating with our big i? >> it's not resonating. it's one thing to give flowery speeches. at some point you must deliver. let's be honest. even people that are wholeheartedly behind obama -- [laughter] that is my man, right there. and you know, what i also like? i like that also he the guy that says i make mistakes. an occasional apology goes a long way in.
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>> you know, this crazy chris farley type, toronto was a great city and are a great deal of businesses to cut taxes, rules and regulations, in large part the investment macker that it has become, there are a lot of other factors as well. not the least of which is the depreciating canadian dollar. but this guy gets a lot of credit for giving people more of their money. >> to your point, it canada has had a resource driven economy. he says i want toronto to be more than that but in the future we can smooth out the ups and downs of the price of lumber goes down for any kind of natural resources goes down. we want this to be a mecca where
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people strive to do well. and it's wonderful. neil: unfortunately he didn't keep, but that is okay. meanwhile, mickey d's. this new mcdonald's line for minimum-wage workers more than just crosses the line. there's nothing fabulous about working at mcdonald's. >> why are we coddling people who work at mcdonald's. he has been sued by everyone.
11:24 pm
>> so we ended up with a pair of sneakers here and with wings. i'm so i hope one day i could sell them on ebay. and it's about finding this. >> he did spongebob, chios, fruit loops. and he said that it was an attack on consumerism. >> is it time to buy?
11:25 pm
so how would you play this whole thing? >> the way everyone else thinks about the geopolitical event, vladimir putin is the we don't want to, but we can use military force. so he's just going to take crimea, move on. >> it's very shallow, it's like, we can deal with it. but not necessarily. and it's just that it's going to be what it's going to be. the main reason is global peace. it's the most peaceful history and you get global prosperity it will always exist and it will
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keep strengthening. as a result, we all live better lives and more profitable lives. neil: thank you. in the meantime, we are just learning from gm. one that ten-year lollygagging, bringing these serious are the issues to the public. it turns out that the board of directors may not have had a clue at all. clue at all. we will happen next. [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor, crestor got more high-risk patient bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. way to go, crestor! yh! tting to goal is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol
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a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. neil: 13 deaths, 32 crash choose 1.6 million recalls. we have told you how gm knew about the serious ignition
11:30 pm
switch cards like that chevrolet cobol but when did the executives know? the spokesman gave us the explosive response. >> neil: but having high-level executives not involved in investigation when deaths are involved is alarming to one consulting group president. dennis, what do you make of this? that the new nothing response? >> that they were not
11:31 pm
involved not that they did not have any knowledge so is it a play on words? i believe it is. neil: i did not look at it that way. you are smarter. so they gave themselves some legal rebel group? >> definitely. look at the facts. the ignition system was developed implanted 2004 gm test engineers 2004 recognized the problem they brought it to management attention there was a service bulletin to thousand five. 2007 it was reported 10 deaths. during this period gm states they were involved in claims iran lawsuits involving the ignition switch. now would you pay claims at
11:32 pm
the board of directors does not know? if you pay tens of millions or hundreds of millions in claims? that needs to be bored justified. so someone is shading the truth. neil: do you think when you talk about 2007 people were aware about the ancillary basis is close to the bailout. with this coming to light would get in the way or make them more problematic. did that enter the equation? >> i believe it doesn't ask the question did steve ratner know about this? if so did the government? and who else? before and during that bailout? it is more than the gm but also the government.
11:33 pm
neil: the q dennis the former cars are steve ratner that would oversee the big rescue. try to get inside this guy's head a psychologist will try and you will not like what they discovered.
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neil: it is time for tonight's edition where we look at any given story stating the obvious that we have a russian leader who is crazy. vladimir putin he is nuts than a lot of successful ceos some across the lawn
11:37 pm
in like bernie made off but then again no one dares question because the emperor has no clothes. but the psychologist and colonel ralph peters says you have to tread carefully. how do you do that? i know there are cooler heads prevailing but we're losing money hand over fist. vladimir is. and you really want to do this? but no one wants to put their head of the plate. >> vladimir putin has a lot more money on his own. looking up his net worth 150,000 u.s. other people say he is hitting all the assets we're talking about billions so at the end of the day as the authoritarian
11:38 pm
figure he is crazy but not crazy like a fox. does about the strength, will, power. he is not feeling the pain of the people of ukraine or russia. he says he wants to protect as many as possible so he has nothing to lose at this point. he feels he can march ahead with a tepid reaction because of many different economic factors. neil: colonel, there are wiser cooler heads to say vladimir, you are killing us on the global stage. we just had zero live dixieland reestablishing our brand and here you are coming back 1956 and budapest. we don't need this spirit that shows a fundamental understanding -- misunderstanding if anybody is delusional it is obama fet he can make something happen that negotiations
11:39 pm
will solve the world's problems. i don't like putin but he is as brilliant as he is ruthless of like his president he enters the u.s. with his people will tolerate. when russia was flat on its back he rebuilt it into the ragged semblance of a great power. he has bested obama in every single count -- encounter they have had no people get away with crimea and get more you create. you could accuse him of all sorts of things but he is a russian wolf. obama is a bunny rabbit. neil: i wonder even if the russian wolf can push himself to fire? every successful ceo will push the envelope that will regret that is either fired
11:40 pm
by the board or that may not may be it here but if he does push too far i can remember the same kremlin that through christian of out of their. >> i don't agree with the colonel on obama but every other point. neil: he can kill you with one hand. he is on remote. >> yes he can. putin is on a brilliant man it is all about image. knowing judo, flying in the jets'. going into submarines the shirt off it is about the superpower will of iron he is a tactician he is brilliant and has led russia in the way it has not for a long time.
11:41 pm
eight years. neil: with the colonel that could run circles it does not look brilliant if you back yourself in to a world war on the brink because you get unnecessarily bellicose. i know it adds a dividends but you have current your own village? >> no. putin not only understands his own people very, very well but he understands other peters. he was trained as a kgb officer. putin reminds me of my mother. she has a brilliant and key in the ability to meet someone in within five minutes she can identify their weakness. putin has done a brilliant job to size up one western leader after another and knows their weakness he will not risk a nuclear war.
11:42 pm
he knows we will not stand up. if you want to threaten my psychological profile i have been explaining putin this way. on one level a classic schoolyard bully who love something with the week kid and president obama is the week kid with the arms full of books. >> this is not obama but it is about putin. he does this in a very measured way. putin loves it because it adds more to his reputation to be a big tough guy like king kong. he does not want bullets to fly if this particular point. neil: every si no thought to he was golden and bulletproof but pushing it too far. >> he may push it too far.
11:43 pm
neil: always great to see you. tim cook is focusing on green investment others are focusing on winning. what about you? >> how do you feel about getting kids pumped up and eating help they? -- healthy? >> fruits and vegetables are delicious. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities
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>> okay.
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the '80s called. they want to their store back. neil: they called again and they want more stores back. after the comeback now announcing 1,000 stores will be closing up initially from a 500 expected. i did not realize they had that many stores. >> i thought the same thing. but the super bowl ad is going forward. they ditched the '80s it was amazing. a end this is the first step forward. >> too little too late. they are squeezed between big box and online retailers there is no place. it reminds me of circuit city. too late.
11:48 pm
i think they will be going out of business. neil: even though i did not name one -- understand 90% of the stuff in there but the people that work there did. they would tell me what i needed. >> but everything is mobile. neil: you are right. wendy's. the customer is asking. >> where is the beef? >> it is beefing up the salads with more vegetables. i do not like the way the world is going. >> what about these options i get excited by it red peppers and cucumbers that is what you are banking on? neil: unless there is more romaine spinet that does not
11:49 pm
seem like the vast. the fast food is salad is so fierce they try to be healthy but they need to be more creative. we saw today the aid benedict said which had dunkin' donuts. i want to see creativity. neil: mind is how much sauce you can put on something. neil: you have all the state attorneys general hit up by class-action lawyers what we did with tobacco we could do go after fast food then wendy says we have new salads that they're not really new. are they covering something else? >> no. it is a product cycle. 35 years ago they started the salad bar in the fast food store. then it went to begin now it
11:50 pm
is back to green began. it is a cycle. neil: only now unveiling the salad. what was the point? did you want to steal it? wendy's is focusing on apple may be apple said focusing on the way out of the studio but samsung is all the buzz what do you make of this? that was the samsung product everywhere. >> it was brilliant. a picture is worth 1,000 words, which is the camera worth $80 million of oscars but they reaped the benefit of other organic or not with brand association and a
11:51 pm
product placement is the key and they achieved that at the oscars. neil: does that make a difference? they see that we thought apple was cool but but samsung must be cool is on the oscar show. >> it does make a difference but the bigger picture is that alan tweets with the and i found in oprah winfrey is with the i pad. >> over the past 10 years one-third of the 100 most popular movies feature an apple product. it is still the one to beat. neil: m&a lead can melt the way. remember this over the top achiever how he works hard? i appreciate the theme but it only reinforced that some of the very rich are
11:52 pm
clueless. nobody likes the '01% it made him [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. and apply online. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention.
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if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care.
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it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. neil: this segment taking the world by storm were about the world takingthe stormg ukraine massive vladimir putin will ever back off the obama will do what he does best. nothing. neil: do not give putin that much credit but all said and done my only hope he is pragmatic.
11:56 pm
neil: whether i told the stock or not has nothing to do with my statement it is stupid. his personal views are what matter by dismissing those who do not share them or are giving critics should not be shareholders is another. fortunately i invest in the company not 1cl that seems to be one act short of a full program. john kennedy emails. neil: that could be. either way very silly and stupid. neil: i get the feeling another view were would like to do that to me.
11:57 pm
neil: then don't watch. in to listen to this. neil: i tried not to encourage them. wine got an agent.
11:58 pm
neil: that is good to know. noted. then who wins this superman or batman got enough i? superman of course, i never expected this reaction. neil: a very good point.
11:59 pm
neil: by the way you scare me. and from southern california : neil: you had me worried there for a moment that you were blind and did not know which. neil: thank you for carrying the torch. no problem i do what has to be done. those are the emails and tweets. ask anything and everything that comes to your mind. because you can ask me anything i will try to answer it if it is about pondering about the state of the world and then i will take it upon. you may not like the answer
12:00 am
but except when i get personal then i just get mad then did you lose me. i follow you. i can track you. that is it good night. kennedy: good news for ukrainns jn k kennedy: good news for ukrainians. a billion dollars in a briefcase, and he is kind of like the same president, so brush it can go back to being a red blanket. a real budget today, real bloated budget it isjam-packed a treasure trove one congressman calls a campaign pro chiewr. -- brochure, we'll tell but frustrated uninsured people who should take their freeat later we will

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